Monday, 26 September 2016

Sweet Homer

Homer, left.
Georgie, right.

Today was a very sad day in my families home. Today we lost not only one of our fur babies, but Georgie's best friend, and my dads partner in crime...Homer.

Homer came to us as a rescue pug approximately 7 years ago, when we got him he was so skinny and unhealthy and scared. Immediately he connected with my dad and they have been inseparable ever since.

He started out with a rough life, but I know it ended on a good note. He found a family in all of us, a best friend in Georgie, and a love in my dad.

I'll love you forever, Homer.

Sleep sweetly my boy.


Homer, 2016.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


My college courses are in full swing, the weather is starting to change and the leaves are very slowly starting to fall, you all know what that means....autumn!!! :)

Since I have last posted I have been doing a lot of textbook reading, textbook buying, lecture listening and not very much stitching.

Theodore is having to get used to his Mommy and Daddy being at school for the majority of the day. Every morning I wake up feed him, play with him and take him outside to burn some energy before I leave for class, he always looks so sad when I go to put my shoes on because he knows that that means he will be put into his play pen until I return. Do any of you readers have dogs? If so, I bet you know exactly what I mean by the excitement you see when you come home and are greeted by your very excitable dog! It makes all the difficulties and responsibility of having a fur baby worth it.

Anyways, here is the minimal progress I have completed on my project "As the Crow Flies" by The Prairie Schooler, I have completed the big crow on the bottom portion of the design, and started another house.

Here is an interesting piece of information for all of you readers...I AM OBSESSED with The Prairie Schooler!!! I honestly want ALL of their charts in my hands..even their Americana charts (I am Canadian) even though I probably would never stitch them...I just want to collect them all! I have quite a bit of their charts, maybe one day I will have a post all about my collection so far.

To ease my Prairie Schooler addiction the other day I was scoping out 123stitch and traditional stitches just to see what they were offering in regards to The Prairie Schooler and low and behold...I found ALL of The Prairie Schooler alphabet charts !!! Can you guess what I did? I bet you can! Stay tuned for future posts to see if you guessed correctly. :)

I have also worked a little bit on "Santas Secret" by Dimensions...I have finished all the stitching in his eye, excluding back stitch, as well as started on his nose. Yay, it is finally starting to look like something.

In addition to those two projects, I started something new AND finished it! The other day I was really itching for something Halloween, so...I sat down with the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ed. and picked out a quick and easy project to stitch while I watch one of my favourite fall time movies, Coraline! If you have not watched Coraline and you like Tim Burton type movies, I highly suggest it. Anyways, here is my new start and finish.

"Its Midnight" by: Teresa Murgida

Until next time...enjoy the changing of the seasons!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Back To School Blues...

Well, it is that time of year again, the time of year parents anxiously await...back to school...dun dun duuun!

I am starting my 3rd year of college this year and I have to say I am very excited to start the new school year but I am also quite nervous. I am enrolled in the Early Childhood Care & Education program, and it is a very hands-on type of course.

Classes start tomorrow, 9AM...!

Lately, I have only been stitching a little bit in the evenings, I have been busy squeezing in as much end of summer work I can, and I have been babysitting, dog sitting and goat sitting so the stitching has been few and far between this past week. Not only did I do all this paid work, but I also attended a craft/fall fair with my mother, where she sells her beautifully made pin cushions!

Here I have attached a few photos of my mothers pin cushions. She collects the cups and saucers, and then goes thrifting to find pretty, small printed fabric to match! She also makes and decorates the decorative pins herself too. 

If you are interested, she has a Facebook page you can check out here! She is also in the works of creating an Etsy page. Shoot her a Facebook message or a Facebook comment and she will respond directly to you! :) 

Here is my progress on "As the Crow Flies" by The Prairie Schooler...

I have really enjoyed working on this project for the past 2 weeks, but I think it is time to pick up something else....hmm, which WIP to pick...stay tuned to see!

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sick Day Stitching

Well, it finally happened. I caught the summer sickness, unfortunately. I woke up with a wicked headache, the shivers (which is definitely a sign of getting sick considering its hotter than hades here!) and an upset stomach. So, I slept the majority of the day and in between sleeping I stitched! Finally now that it is 10:21PM I am starting to feel a bit better.

Besides catching some type of bug, it has been a busy week!

My family from the Mainland were visiting, and poor Theodore got his manhood taken away...if you know what I mean. He is not very happy with his humans, but it was time the procedure had gotten done.

We have come to the conclusion that Theodore is not a "vet dog" he gets very nervous and scared by the sights of our vet clinic, and once we left him with the veterinarian he got loose, ran around the vet clinic being chased by 3 veterinarians, and finally had to be lassoed before he got his sleepy drugs. Poor baby. Since I buy Theo's food from the vet clinic I have decided to bring him along every time I purchase some more, in hopes to show him that it is not a scary place but instead a happy place.

Now, what you all are here for....STITCHING! :)

I have started a new project (yes another one) and it has consumed all of my stitching energy lately as I just love it.

I have started the largest piece. I love it so so much, I have not been able to put it down. Here is my progress thus far...

As The Crow Flies by: The Prairie Schooler
I started this on August 24th, 2016 and haven't put it down since. Today I have completed half of the red barn, 2 of the trees, the sunflower and the 2 garden beds. 

I have completed 2 other Prairie Schooler patterns in the past and I absolutely love stitching them, The Prairie Schooler is by far my favourite design company, and it makes me so so sad that they have retired. I do have a big stash though! :) which makes me smile :) 

I am stitching this piece on 28 count antique white even weave, 2 over 2, using all of the called for DMC threads, except for one, which I thought I had but turns out that I didn't! 

My cute little bumble bee needle minder is from Jennas Needleminder Addict on Etsy, isn't it adorable?

And of course, my grime guard...I cannot sew to save my life, so of course I did not make this. Nell Cunningham of "Little Yellow House Crafts" on Facebook and Youtube (floss tube) made it and it is absolutely perfect. She also made 2 other ones that I have and use on a regular basis, as well as beautiful project bags that I hope to get my hands on very soon!

Until next time...! :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

New Start Day!

Welcome back!

Today I have a new start to add to my current projects. I have had this kit in my stash for quite a while now, but have been kind of intimidated to start it as the chart itself I find a little bit difficult to read. I have been eyeballing this project for almost my entire stitching life...haha, anyways, I bet you are wondering which kit I am talking about? Well, to give you a hint, it is a Dimensions Gold Petite (I believe...)

Santas Secret by: Dimensions

This is "Santas Secret" by Dimensions. I love anything and all things Christmas related so this really was a no-brainer when it came to purchasing. I have done one other Dimensions kit in the past, which I will eventually post onto my "Finishes" page, however that one was not full coverage like this is. In fact, this will be my first full coverage stitching piece. I normally do not stitch on aida, as I find it crunchy and stiff, and I honestly am not the biggest fan of the look of it, but since this is a full coverage I think it will be just fine. 

I also worked on another one of my current projects, this I think is one of the favourites of all my works in progress. 

This is what it will look like when completed....

Joan Elliotts "Autumn Fairy" I started this on August 6th, 2016. Here is where I was with the piece when I picked it up this evening...

And this is where I am now, after about an hour of stitching...

I worked on the top of the bodes, which is all metallic thread, and I started the top portion of the bodes as well. I am loving how it is turning out so far. This is also my very first project by Joan Elliott that I have done and I can definitely say it will not be my last! I find her charts very easy to read, and I am really enjoying myself!

On to something less stitchy...

My cousin and uncle arrived today for the week, which makes me very happy, I love when they visit every summer and Christmas. Because they were coming I was determined to get my work done early so I would be able to have some day left to visit, which meant I had to get up at needless to say, I am quite tired. Here on the Island I live on we have beaches in every direction and I live no more than 10 minutes from a beach in any direction. We went swimming today, I love to swim...especially in the ocean. I actually only really like to swim in the ocean, for some strange reason lakes give me the heeby-jeebys. Theodore came with me this afternoon and he discovered that he likes to dig holes in the sand...I really hope that does not transfer to digging holes in my back yard!

Anyways, that is all for today..I have to be up at 5:30 again.

Until next time!

Theodore at the Beach!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Gelato or Bust!

Do you ever have those days that just seem to drag on and on? Well, today was one of those days! I began work this morning at 6:00am and I kid you not, it was already soo hot at that time! Making gelato is surprisingly quite physical, so I work up a sweat and work in a small, hot room, for 9 hours. It really felt never-ending today, ugh. 

I am the only person who is qualified to make the gelato for the business so I really do have a lot of responsibility, if there is no gelato there is no business...and if there is no gelato, I am the only one who can make it, even if it means working on my only day off. The season is almost over though, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it!

Anyways, I have to remember that I am lucky to have a job and I need to appreciate it even though sometimes it might be hard. 

On to something more stitchy related...

I have a finish!! :) 

The last time you saw this project I had completed not even half of it, and that was the last time I had actually worked on I completed more than half of it today, I am very impressed with myself.

Here I present to you, the completed...Ladybug Egg! 

Ladybug Egg by: Mill Hill

I really love it. I love all the sparkles and I actually really like the fact that it is completely beaded, way different from anything else I have done so far. 

However...I am very nervous to cut it out, I am worried that I could cut too close and snip the back of the beading and I am nervous that If I do not cut close enough it will look really ragged and rough...does anybody have any tips? or know of any good tutorials or places I could look for help before I take the big step? 

Thanks for reading,

Until next time....


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Stitch, Laundry, Stitch, Repeat!

Today was my one day off a week, thats right, one. I work 6 days a week and by the time my day off comes around I don't even want to leave the house. So, today I didn't! I slept in until about 10:30am, got breakfast for Theodore, made myself a cup of tea and sat my butt down to stitch.

I worked on one of my 4 WIPS  to start off my day.

This is "Home of a Needleworker" by Little House Needleworks. A goal I had set for myself today was to finish as much of the house as I could, and low and behold...I finished it!

It took me approximately 5-ish hours to do, and it was kind of about a boring stitchy day, but I am so happy that it is completed :) All I have left to do on this piece is the bottom portion the upper case alphabet and the lower case alphabet, as well as the bottom border and the little flourish underneath my name and date. I do not think it will take me much longer to fully complete this project. 

In between stitching today I restarted "Friends" for the fourth I mean, first time! What can I say...I am obsessed with the show.  Is anybody else a lover of "Friends" ???? If so, tell me, who is your favourite? Monica is mine. She is so hilarious, and I think that why I find her so funny is because I am the exact opposite of her in real life! I am kind of messy...and do not bother with little things around the house, LOL! 

I also did about 4 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen today, which I must admit was extremely boring and no fun at all. Theodore found a little stalk of broccoli today (who knows where it came from?!!?) and decided that instead of food, it was a toy. He would pounce on it, try and chew it up but would eventually spit it back out to pounce on it again! He is such a funny boy. Other than that Theodore slept beside me all day as I stitched.

Tired boy!

After dinner, I started to stitch a little bit on one of my other WIPS, "Ladybug Egg" by Mill Hill. 

This is where I was when I started....

This is where I finished up tonight! 

This is a full beaded kit, which I was unaware of when I bought it but I am really enjoying the process nevertheless. I tend to save this project for in-between large amounts of "blah" stitching, almost like a little reward for finishing the boring areas! I have several other Mill Hill ornament kits in my stash that I am just itching at starting once I have completed this one. 

Anyways, that is all from me for today...I have to go to bed so I can get up early, 5:30am to start work at 6:00am...ugh. Wish me luck!

Until next time... :)